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Ranthambore Jungle Safari is one of the best places to investigate various types of natural life amid Tiger safari. Ranthambore Jungle Safari Booking can be made 90 days before date of visit.Jungle Safari is real fascination and a standout amongst the most prevalent alternatives to spot creature development and appreciate lovely scene in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.


Ranthambore Jungle Safari offers the guest an opportunity to investigate assortment of creatures living in the park.There are two safaris per day from October to June, one beginning in the morning and the other late toward the evening. The visit goes on for 4 hour by jeep (open best rooftop wanderer) or trot (open best rooftop bus).You will visit the recreation center in a 20 seater open jog (Top rooftop transport) or 06 seater open best rooftop jeep, both of which we have re-fitted and renovated for solace and great review. Our trackers are from families who have known the wilderness and its creatures for eras.


At Ranthambore Jungle Safari, we understand the difference between a satisfied and a delighted Customer/client and all our efforts are towards having a DELIGHTED GUEST at the end of the tour in our area.


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Best Places In Ranthambore


Ranthambore Fort

This great stronghold is the point of interest of Ranthambore National Park. Arranged around 5kms inside the natural life save, Ranthambore Fort is the wonder of the Chauhan tradition. The development of the fortress started in 944 AD under the administer of King Sapaldaksha yet it was amid the day and age of Rao Hammir Deo Chauhan that the fortification came to fruition. It is perceived by UNESCO World Heritage Site that spots it under the title 'Slope Forts of Rajasthan'. The house is based upon a 700ft high slope and is one of the significant attractions in Ranthambore National Park. When this fortification separated as a regal chasing hold and had a sprawling wilderness around it sufficiently giving space to complete this enterprise wear. However amid the 1950s it turned into a part of the 'Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary' that was set up to monitor the lessening natural life in the territory.


Trinetra Ganesh Temple

Arranged inside Ranthambore Fort, Trinetra Ganesh Temple is yet another fascination in Ranthambore National Park. Trinetra (Three-Eyed) Ganesh or Pratham Ganesh Temple is among the most established sanctuaries in Rajasthan. It is one of those sanctuaries, where one can discover the gods of the whole group of Lord Ganesha. The sanctuary was worked by King Hammer, who is accepted to be a fervent enthusiast of Lord Ganesha. The legend has it that while King Hammer was at war here, their loads of sustenance were running out. At that point one night, Lord Ganesha showed up before the King and guaranteed him that the stocks will be filled and his issues will be unraveled by the following morning. Marvelously, the following day, the war stopped and the sustenance stock renewed; in this manner the ruler chose to construct a sanctuary for Lord Gamesha here. An extensive number of Ganesha fans throng this sanctuary and five aartis are held every day here.


Surwal Lake

Set in the midst of interesting settings, Surwal Lake is one of the best places for touring close Ranthambore Park. This lake is the sanctuary for some feathered creatures, which are seen here getting angles particularly amid winter season. It is a shallow lake, which dries out in summer; hence it is perfect to visit this place either in storm or in winter. The best time to visit here is morning when many feathered creatures are seen getting their breakfast from here. Tucked in segregation, Surwal Lake is perfect for those looking for some comfort and peace.


Padam Lake

This is the biggest lake in this Wildlife Reserve and is one of the primary wellsprings of water for the wild animals.The best time to visit here is early morning, when countless are seen drinking at the lake. One can likewise recognize the uncommon Chinkara deer here also. The lake looks more excellent amid the period of water lilies; in certainty this is the reason the lake got its name as Padam, which actually implies blooms.


Kachida Valley

This valley is found near the edges of the Park and is generally possessed by Panthers and Bears. The territory is encompassed by low spiked slopes, which improves the magnificence of this place making it one of the best places to visit in Ranthambore. Creatures like deer and wild hogs are additionally found in great numbers while Sloth bears are for the most part found around there searching for honeycombs and organic products.


Jogi Mahal

Arranged on one side of Padam Lake, Jogi Mahal was utilized as a rest house for the guests. Because of its beautiful area, it has turned into a prevalent place in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve; lamentably settlement in Jogi Mahal has been limited at this point. Close to the Mahal is a tall banyan tree, which is viewed as one of the biggest banyan trees in India.


Raj Bagh Ruins

The Raj Bagh Ruins add uniqueness to Ranthambore Wildlife Reserve! Arranged between Padam Talao and Raj Bagh Talao, Raj Bagh Ruins helps to remember the illustrious time of Rajasthan, the relics of curves, royal residence latrines, vaults steps still look glorious and without a doubt pleasant.


Lakarda and Anantpura

These areas Lakarda and Anantpura make the Northern and North-Western district of the Park. Alongside Indian Sloth Bear, an expansive number of porcupines and monkeys can be seen here. It is one of those few places in this untamed life hold, where the pugmarks of the Indian striped Hyenas can be seen. This types of hyena has a little populace in the wilderness and Lakarda and Anantpura are among those few spots where there is a probability of locating these generally uncommon species.


Malik Talao

A little lake in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Malik Talao is best known as a sanctuary for winged creatures. This little yet grand lake is additionally the home to the Marsh Crocodiles. Kingfishers, egrets, herons, ibis, storks and cranes are a portion of the generally spotted feathered creatures at Malik Talao making it the ideal place for birdwatching in Ranthambore.


Akaula Region

This area is set apart by thick woods, various water gaps and pools and a thick populace of wild creatures. Since, this area has a thick woodland cover, it remains cool amid the pinnacle summer season too, which in the long run makes it a most loved frequent of numerous natural life species in the recreation center. The likelihood of tiger spotting is additionally reasonable in the Akaula Region.


Village Women Craft

Aside from seeing the fluctuated natural life in the recreation center, one has the chance to investigate the way of life and convention of Rajasthan too. At Village Women Craft, which is arranged at Gas Plant Road in Sawai Madhopur, one can discover an assortment of high quality floor coverings, woolen rugs, tribal mats, untamed life sketches, shawls, bed blankets and much a great deal more! Town Women Craft is a social activity that backings rustic ladies in Rajasthan to end up distinctly autonomous and monetarily steady. It is a mind blowing spot to shop in Rajasthan and certainly an immaculate keepsake of Ranthambore National Park.


Wild Dragon

Regardless of whether it is a genuine wilderness or the solid wilderness, Ranthambore is constantly loaded with enterprise! The Wild Dragon Adventure Park is among the finest cases of unending fun and fervor here. The recreation center mixes splendidly with the provincial environment and offers guests unique experience. Zorbing, repulsiveness house and the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) ride are the highlight of this experience stop that is arranged in a detached valley close to the National Park. In the midst of the quietness Wild Dragon is perfect for setting out some experience!


Ranthambore Schools of Art

This School of Art is one of the most inspiring places in Ranthambore. Located at a short distance from Sawai Madhopur, this school has students that have talent for painting. The main paintings here are of Tiger and as a special gesture, more tiger paintings are made to encourage people to conserve this endangered species. Often the students from this school visit the nearby villages to educate the locals about the tiger and the importance of its conservation.


As a traveller, it is our duty to support the conservation of wildlife and destinations like these truly inspire us to do so. Visit Ranthambore National Park to get inspired and a life-changing experience! Oh! Would like to remind you, that the Park opens on October 1, after the monsoon break; also the first week of October has lot of festivals and events coming up, so it is an absolutely PERFECT time to PLAN your trip to Ranthambore.


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* Black Buck sight seeing
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